Sunday, February 12, 2012

Love is Blind

Venture to the Poem Tree Where Valentines are sought
Where blindfolded love she wanders round true lovers being caught

with claws that press into their flesh holding them with fear
She pulls them closer, into her arms the Poem tree is near

Her lips pressed against them soft...Whispering so sweetly
Your love be found for naught or good will devour you completely

I warn you once you cant forget the words that I possess
I give to you most willingly, but one thing I must stress

My Love is blind I cannot see,  if it is friend or foe
so choose your Love poem wisely and think of where it will go

Special Thanks to Vitabella and Precious for the Love Tree 
that Inspired the words to this poem. 
The Little heart Dress I am wearing is a group gift called I <3 You 
from their shoppe

The Mask and Collar are from *Solidea Folies* and it lends the magic of something original and different to my photos that I love working with Mila Tatham's designs
The names of these two items for this blog are..
all is full of love - headpiece
Love is Blindness...or not? blindfold

Vanity Hair is always conjuring up my imagination with the styling of the couture
Many times Tabata Jewell's Hair has been an inspiration to my humble art and I thank her because she was very gracious when I disturbed her during her meeting because I just had to have her new
valentine hair : Heart HP-Red 
shown in the last photo
BabyDoll : Silver
is the silver hair shown in the first photos