Saturday, March 17, 2012

I love being Crazy... in my N-Core boots

n more...

Last week I got these new boots and I was thrilled to see they are classic and casual.. I have been stomping around all week while working on my hair,, These new boots has sox.. leg warmers if you will and they can be ANY Color you wish and with the sox / leg warmers  you have a color picker so you can pick any color you want to match..  with no limitations.. Well I didn't find the limit.. I must have switched sock/legwarmer colors at minimum fifty times.

 N-core - EUPHORIA boots
I always prefer the fatpack bargain because the combination of texture color and style  gives you all options available..and highly recommend the fatties because of this.. you do not get ten boots ... you get one that has a hud for all options.. and it really helps keep my closet/inventory uncluttered.

The wrapped leather cord is just one of those details that makes this boot special

Your feet  and calves will look great coming and going

Crazy Hair Hunt 3 is coming soon..and there is a poster in my shop with more info.
I have been working on my project.. and not really focusing on my blog items.. I really wanted to get the hair finished in a timely fashion because I am the great procrastinator, 

Its not the final cut... but here is a  sneaky peek.. of

Thundercrow Hair available March 31st for Crazy Hair Hunt 3

It was so fun to tinker with hair and I went crazy with this.. so many details and  weird stuff to look at. I made the lightning detachable so you have an option and yes its animated and striking! Hell and for all I know the men who happen along with there ladies hunting will want to use the lightning to wear and play Thor..  Or it can be used as a symbol for someone who is angry. like an exclamation point..


The wings and most of the outfit are pieces from an outfit named CONTROL B - by - sayanicole.cuttita

Also worn are sheer skelly leggings by  s u . v i d a

The fabulous skin is [Katsucide] Sandra Cendre Bleue - Light by AcIde Innovia

These Beautiful ::OW:: "ViViD2" Pure White Eyes worn with Feather Black LashesFrank Windlow

The poses used for this blog are  Diesel Works by Rogan Diesel