Thursday, March 1, 2012


Shine's Newest release HELEN  blue smoke in DEEP tan
AKIRA 01 pose above provided by PNP

 Well today  I got some more SHINE skin... and I do love it...  This time its a skin named HELEN and I really fell for the deep tan....
They is a shape to go with but I am just too fond of myself to change much... But if your looking for a beautiful look that is definitely not newb and awkward.. then Shine is a great place to get the complete YOU... with skin that works perfectly with  the shape that they provide..

You really need to drop by the store often  and join the group Love Foxdale always has sales and MM boards and free group gifts hunts and little things to make it worth the visit even if you do not have lots of LL .. You can always go back later when you have it to spend and help support this incredible and generous artist.

Shine's - Helen HotPink - DeepTan
The Hair worn for this blog is Tabata Jewell Vanity Hair  Leonor - poivre. So cute.. I couldnt resist using it to make my classic look just a little playful. and exotic. I absolutely love the cotour looks but I just want to play with them and not take myself so serious.  The curls helped soften the style and make it mine.

 AKIRA 06 Pose here is provided by  PNP
As always I try and provide information for my poses.. and one of my  fave model and couture pose resources is PNP..

Make sure if you stop by tell Marit that Whisper sent you..
Also join the groups - there are many generous freebees and fun events going on.

Now let us see this gown by  ARMONY. bridal wedding and tuxedo..

The Melinda Gown has two skirts...

One shows off a long train...perfect for any wedding or special formal event.
Melinda Gown by ARMONY

Then there is another that is rounded and has black tulle gracing the soft satin at the back of the gown.. great for dancing..

And a look at the second skirt to go with the gown...

I couldn't wear this fantastic dress and not go somewhere, so I found in search a very little advertised romantic spot that has the best view and classiest decor.

BEAU X - Romantic Dancing

It has so many places to take pictures and my personal favorite was near the edge of the dance floor where the ocean is crashing against the rocks!

I started with the DJ...
he fascinated me..
I was trying to find out if he was meshy... or primmy..
but I didn't wanna touchy and upset him while he was spinning tunes.

I found this amazing place with the best DJ ever...Sunny Ray.... He was so Coooool and the jams were romantic yet updated perfect for the Formal but hip types.

Not to mention the great hip but soft music to dance to.
It was a friendly and welcoming place and a contest was happening when I arrived so I tapped the board and joined the fun. The competition was stiff with all of the beautiful ladies around me but why not.. I was wearing the best gown ever!

I won a lil LL love for my formal look..  and tipped the DJ Polar Bear...  Mr Sunny Ray.. while the owners of fine establishment were having there own romantic interlude and dance ....

Capturing the moment while the owners  of this romantic establishment Xanq Melnik and Aubray Beaumont enjoy there own surroundings after the contest was over.

Thank you for tagging along..  and do make sure you stop by BEAU X
Enjoy the view and do a little shopping...  It is the perfect opportunity to wear something beautiful. Be generous to your DJ... he just may flash you a toothy smile. And tell them Whisper sent ya...