Friday, April 27, 2012

Meditating Carrot Experience

Ossanha  Gardens

Geode Chair by Cube Republic *marketplace*

A fabulous find for those who love to build and create your own environments. A must see to believe how pretty it all looks and how well it fits together.. pictures do not do it justice.. take a moment of your second life to stroll the caverns and  observe for yourself what the experience is like.. you can use just Ossanha Gardens pack of goodies to create  or add your own elements. But take the time to explore first you will not be disappointed... 

Yuuuuuuuuummmmmm! shhh carrot meditating

Oh today is one of quiet..meditations..I am feeling the need to make things.. I recently created a hair for the crazy hair hunt.. and even though it is not the best hair it was fairly interesting and  the best part is that it was fun.. So that being said I selected one hair to play with and wear for today... It is not a carrot hair but I swear it should not be kitty grass it looks more like a carrot to because of the orange towel wrap head-peace  and served the purpose well for this blog!!!

And that is how I came up with the idea meditating carrot..  Meditation was easy with the help of Crystals.. there were four of these crystals that I saw on the market place and I had to go try them out and explore...

If you wish to make caves and caverns this is  the place to pick up a kit.. they provide a cavern cave making kit that comes with sliding cave doors and various forms to create your very own space.. its cool and magical and I think  very little known secret. One that cave dwellers or secret passage makers will want to grab.....  everything from misting water and sounds stalactites stalagmites  off sim planet with animation and lighting.. beautiful crystals.. and more.

 I found the Geode Chairs via the marketplace and then  took a look at them in world I did not see a vender in world but Marketplace had everything you could need..the creator is
 Ossanha  Gardens

 I do believe the in world location is a showcase only  but do go visit and take a someone along for the stroll you  will run into a slow dance on a stone bridge

 in a cave with green surrounding crystals and fog..

very pretty place to stop for a moment.. for a photo op

while you decide to buy your very own cave without all the mall and shopping clutter.

Yes that is a Cheetos Cheese snack in my hand. If an angry animal approaches me during my meditative state it will be lured to the Cheetos first and give me time to dig the bag out of my grassy carrot turban topped head and offer him more snacks
The Carrot looking Turban Hair is Wearable Potted Kitteh Grass Hair a gift from the crazy Hair hunt that  only has a few more days left but this hair is from  Alli & Ali Designs
The bunny slippers rock.... it was a random gift from someone I chattered with.. I love them so much that I went to her shop SWEET BITES
you must got to   SWEET BITES and find all the great things she makes and buy everything!

The Meshy little green sweater dress that could always be worn with leggings too.
[Crash Republic] Spring Green mesh dress only available at the
Jersey Shore Sim location ....

It is a SPRING is here hunt item for 10L the hunt is until April 31st  2012 so get it before it vanishes... * hunt for the bright yellow flower*

ZOE milk skin by *Step inSide*

Viky is another pretty skin for Spring hunt.. *look for the yellow flower* 10L

my nephew snacking while I meditate 

Lot's of sweetness at

Wire needed to meditate he had a  chip / block  on his shoulder