Friday, April 20, 2012

Turn Back Time and recognise the old classics again and again

Even though I love being on the cutting edge of some things.. I adore vintage ideas and looks too.. even better if you can mix it up and make it your very own look

Truth's latest hair Anastasia  with theVirtual Props & Poses  - first date prop as a backdrop.. I couldn't use the ever so naughty first date poses as a single girl in the theater all alone..  but they are very suited for a sexy porn movie.. go check the poses out with your mate. What I did do was pose next to it with a pose named Booty Look by Fly Lily and I have never seen a more perfect match for this outfit than N-Core - Coquette Spike Heels that I have shown off before...

A look that lives strong is the hard leather combined with silks laces or pearls.. something about the contrast screams woman louder than any other type of outfit.. 

Diram made a gaga inspired outfit that reminds me of a look a style that is donned repeatedly by some of the most memorable women throughout time... Pat Benitar - Madonna - Gaga - Betty Paige and even Brittney spears.  I dare say it I recall this video and some of the rude comments when it first came out about her showing her ass  and for a woman her age!!  Cher is wearing the look it is not wearing her..  I say classic the video below..

Think the hard ass diva look is not for you?
Think harder..

Finesmith has some beautiful and bold jewelry that I felt theatrical in..this set is called Folieole  shown here in ONYX with matching earrings also another pose by  FLY LILY called       floating fairy

Until you're ready to look foolish
You'll never have the possibility of being great.

Finesmith  - French Coral nails                                                                               Truth Hair -  Cassie - crow                                                                                                 Fly Lily Pose - Gem 8

I loved the detail in the props it comes with popcorn  and its scattered all over the floor too!

 Let me also mention the pretty pale skin.. with the gloss kissed lips... that I  used for this.

**SHINE** Lolita Red/UltraPale

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