Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kaldreia not an ordinary mud masque

This Kaldreia skin I picked  Socordia Eyeshadow  yellow liner also available at 
TRUTH HAIR - May 13th release - Alessandra - crow

 Kaldreia will only be available until August 31st 2012
It was introduced during fantasy fair but  these are to pretty to tuck away so quickly
ydreece forster will be leaving them out until the end of August for those of you who would like to have them; The version I have chosen to explore today is the MUD version...

 I even loved the name.. I was not disappointed.. its soft its sexy and rich like the earth it is named for. I imagine I could be Cleopatra or some other Goddess wearing this skin..  The creator gives you many suggestions on what type of character this skin can be used for.. She also supplies you with the perfect shape to go along with the skins designs if you wish.. I prefer to fit into my skin and stretch it to my own figure...

 Mud can take you from fantasy to diva

Limited release only until August 31 2012

Graffitiwear Tiger's Eye Circlets 125L

The Malachite set is in the Lucky Board

Again all of the poses are from 
runway collection of dress poses 51- 60 this time not shown in any particular order.

I had to have this brilliant gem of a dress.... its so cute and sassy it comes with options for the skirt with ot without the black ruffle but Loved the Black Eyed Susan look to the fabric.. I am a shorter curvier avi and this  fits me despite being made for those fabulous lanky models with legs a mile high... So I took the time to style it and show you that even us shorties can wear it too...Ilove the golden yellow of this dress..  Its like spun sunshine

:Carisma: Bloom Dress Sun

black eyed Susan.... see what I mean?

On sale 50% off for a short time at :Carisma:

 GOS  Desire Ankle Boot
The Gos Boots are some of his newest and he makes all of his sculpts and meshes himself  an amazing artist.... I have always blogged his things prior but these days I think he has me on ignore.. I must have bugged him too much because every time he has a release I want to blog. He is not keen on using me for advertisement anymore but I loved these so much that even my broke self bought them anyway. Because I always know  I will never be disappointed in Gos Shoes.... Very sad faced that he has cut me off his bloggers but I do so love the Gos.... and I plan on attempting the  show future releases if its at all possible..

G-Field Ruffle Socks Cuffs(knee high) -mustard
these sox matched my lovely dress so well I had people asking where I got them they are at G-Fields and they are 0L I have had them forever.. and there are many non free other colors.. and they come in various heights.. I just loved the mustard color and they have come in handy more than once..  go get your free pair to match your dress cus I know your gonna get it.. and check out the other colors they have to offer.. because soxers roxers

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