Friday, May 4, 2012

My fascination for toasters

Before a long evening of blogging I make a toast......

APHRODITE - toaster - 450L
The panties used are one half of the cutie underwear set called PADLOCK by [TRS]

there is something for every type of toast fave is the peanut-butter  toast!!

Truth Hair - April 27 release Georgina - treacle

Skin worn in this blog is from **SHINE** Frasha Lost/Pale

The Halter and the purse are by Censored and are no longer available. but  they are part of the Miss & Miss Project where everything is low priced . There are all new items there now and I am sad that I did ot blog this earlier.. 
I honestly cannot  get to everything that I have in my inventory to blog. But seriously go check out the link  the prices are fabulous for some great things.

Miss & Miss Project

I am not kidding.. I love toasters  and all things toasted.
Even in Second-life where I know that I can not even eat the toast..

FINESMITH Safari bridge piercing  shown with

 Truth Hair  Marcia w/Roots - April 27 release  - driftwood 

Real life I cannot have a toaster I set things on fire..  even the kitchen cabinets have been scorched..

I have had every kind of toaster and somehow... I manage to eventually have flames bursting from the damn thing.

Cavemen OOga And Booga making toast

So Just for today I am going to blog an awesome toaster from a little place that loves details and always seems to go that extra mile to make things awesomer than  ever.... they make houses and  all kinds of things I can never seem to get to blog since I have to many blogs to do.. but  I  LOVE this toaster.. its rox times ten because it  will give you toast already made up with assorted toppings.... now... that's my dream toaster.... real life... OMG you cannot get any lazier than this!!

 with the toaster comes a free bag of baguettes yummm  touch to grab a slice of french bread to naum

So FYI this amazing incredible awesomest toaster that BTW I did not burn down my house with..Is perfect for the small SL home   fun to share and  everyone can naum a toast of there choice...

Oddly enough it reminded me of the Amityville toaster Foamy Cartoon below.. lol