Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cross a baked potato with conspiracy and your trash.. and you get???

 Tinfoil Conspiracy Dress

Tinfoil Dress by Entropy Design's

This blog is about MY stuff.. again.. I made a dress to match the tinfoil Pirate hat.. now it does not matching theme.. but it matches in texture but its lovely in its own baked Potato trashy sorta way. I love it I have been wearing it for two days.. it has its own sorta whimsey.. which is so ME..
The shoulder sports a tin can shoulder pad... Is that just not brilliant and crazy all rolled up in a ball of uhmmm Tinfoil!

SHINEY!!! Meshy Tinfoil Dress 100L at Entropy designs

The skin that I am in.. is...IZZIE'S
 01 Amy Skin pale

Tameless - Divinity - Silver  Hair 399L for the Megapack

Purrfect10 Athena the shorter version
The child of the knee high  Athena boots

IZZIE'S perfect wardrobe contribution - Cracked Nails .. FIT Perfectly on me I love that!

I made it myself and it can be found for 100L at the marketplace and at my shop.. come by for the demo  it comes in two sizes so please try it on before you buy..Mesh Dresses are what they are.. they fit or they do not.. so try try try before you buy buy buy. or know how to edit your shape...  ( did I just say that) I hate editing my own shape.. * shiver*