Sunday, June 3, 2012

Shopping with Family *sight seeing!*

 My last blog I whined about not spending time with friends and family. So I initiated a little blah blah with my niece and her BF who she has dragged from her other game to come hang out.... We had to go looking for things for him to wear .. and skins and  all that goes with it..
So I decided to blog my adventures on  the things I ran across..


There has to be a right way to wear this fashion  but seriously this isn't it/
The names will not  be mentioned to protect the innocent or the fashion ignorant. All I could think of  was when my children got soggy diaper and I thank god that was rare...  I know this wide hip shape is in style ATM but it reminds me of the boxy look and flat squareness of the middle aged spread.. Why? why would that be hot? is it  because you can drive a truck between her skinny ass legs.. is it the hint of the possibility of child bearing hips?

 even though these pants are a better version of the style.. her odd figure only made it look worse.
it only gets better

The young men who were popping in the store although it was an dd shape it actually kinda looked passable even awesome... My Nieces Man bought a pair and I neglected to take a photo to show how these should be worn. Maybe it was his lack of s child bearing hips.. that made all the difference.? Ya think?


Please don't tell me the scrunched face with no chin scarey doll look is in?
This is the face of one of two girls who I thought may be children avatars except for the big boobs... I dunno the chinless scarey doll look.. I must be getting old.. I am not seeing the attractiveness of this..   But you have to admit.. this is the end result if your mother has sex with meeroos..  Cute?  is questionable

she had a matching small friend

and  then we went to this store I think it was not part of the signage... but there was a huge golden phallus shape imbedded in the wall.. it was marked as 10L so since I was in need of a large golden dong for  perhaps a gag gift or party toy.. I dunno.. I felt compelled  and cant exactly  figure out why I wasted 10L on the griefer dong

 I mean I know sex sells but this  type of advertisement and frontage sign is a bit obvious!

OK  so for something awesome and so I am actually blogging something cool..  the frog is a must.. I musta leered at this fellas avi until he figured I wanted to sex him I was ogling so hard..
 but the frog was cool and he had amazing animation and he attaches to you so you can drag him anywhere.. he also sits when you stand still.. walk hops when you walk and leaps when you run..  Just so cool... I didn't go home totally weirded out...

I wonder ifyou kiss the frog  if you get something that looks like his owner.. I find it oddly interesting.. but I am not kissing anyone.. I am still devoted to my fella rl and sl... but Kudos for the cool look..

Frog can be found here..

 and I do mean go check it out there are animated samples in the store...

a few different pets to choose from and only 300L affordable