Friday, July 13, 2012

ONEVOICE 4 Pair o ' shoes! and STUFF

Yet again another skin-war....
Let the real skin artist....stand up....

TRUTH HAIR Hailey - snow June 30th 2012 Release
HANDverk Marshmallow Sofa  and sunburst Clock

 The colorful and cute little lamps By RnB Designs Furniture  are a donation Item that  you can pick up cheaply for only 10L 100% of the sale goes to Gala's Legal funds

A must visit to this shop they have some amazing and cute furnishings.. I had to look around
Like these  uninflated flat and regular beach balls gatcha for only 1L

 The Skin I am in is from IZZIE She has generously donated to the cause.. I have been a customer and a blogger for the longest time and her skins are actually some of my favorite skins to be in...

TRUTH HAIR  Dahlia - snow June 30th 2012 Release
Smokey Eyeshadow..... and Raspberry Lipgloss by Izzie
Izzie's Gala Skin Pale

Izzie’s is taking part at the event with a special edition skin named Gala, a mixture of Izzie’s Bonita, Cristina, Estella and Eliza skin characteristics. Gala is available in Izzie's most popular skintones: pale, sunkissed and caramel, with natural make-up.

Each skin tone includes:

- skin with dark brows
- skin with light brows
- skin with blonde brows
- skin with red brows
- skin with dark brows + cleavage
- skin with light brows + cleavage
- skin with blonde brows + cleavage
- skin with red brows + cleavage
- freckles on tattoo layers (face only + body & face)
- 5 lipsticks on tattoo layers
- 5 eyeshadows on tattoo layers
- nail base that hides nails on gloves layer (for prim nails)
- 1 mod/copy body shape
- 1 mod/copy eyebrow shape

50% of the proceeds will go to Gala Phoenix:

Now the fab shoes releases for ONEVOICE by N-Core


N-core TRIUMPH "One Voice Edition"

N-core SHARK 2 "One Voice Edition"

TRUTH HAIR  Ashlee - snow June 30th 2012 Release


The ring worn is the Sanctuary Ring by KOSH
The fingernails are Metalic Nails with texture change hud by Izzie

Acid Mala
The amazing tank Bandana top is by Acid Mala... I loved the beads!
.:A&M:. Jungle Bandana Top - Zebra (Beads)

The Zebra Mini Skirt...... d-Yo Mini Skirt by  OnyxWear