Saturday, July 7, 2012

Patriotic Always


Devious Minds.. group gifted corset

Let me explain something.... I am an American.......
No.. I am not illegal or undocumented.. My Parents were born in the good ol USA.. My Stepfather although born in P.I. fought for and served this country for 20 years.. My Brother served this country for 20 years  and my Uncle served for 20 years . They were Navy and My Natural Father was a US Marine... the list continues for the men in my family who have served this country of ours..


My Neighbors my loved ones.. my co workers... And those Proud Americans who came to this country legally and worked hard for there citizenship and pay taxes.. and contribute to our country
The Blue Collar workers who pay taxes..The Mom and POP shops.  the American Corporations that have not left the country to outsource there labor.. the people who are passionate and vote.. Those who do not vote as a form of there own freedom... The Police the Firemen.. and  every Taxpayer. My African Brother who just recently achieved his hard earned honorable Citizenship.. Congratulations..Barnabas O.
I salute you my new fellow citizen.. God Bless the USA

Nails N Knuckles. Independence Day   -UtopiaH-

I salute you....

Not just on holidays... but everyday

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