Saturday, August 4, 2012



 Antoinette - Historical Hunt Hair 1L

Well I rarely have new items..  I am slow as a turtle but this was too fun for me to pass up I tend to love the crazy hairs..

I have  done a few...

But I was invited to join in on the fun and interesting themed hunt Historical Hair hunt..

Historical Hair Hunt Webpage for hints and info

 and I just had to pick the hardest most complicated and difficult hair to challenge myself..  None other than Antoinette.. and her finest..  coif.

After the hunt  no worries you can still pick up this fabuliously overdone hair.. Rococo Goddesses will be in need in the future I am certain..  I wilput it in SLX and in my shop for 150L but do join the fun and save monies and pick this up for almost free.. 1L and check out myother fine crazy hairs!

I just cant stop looking at this hair there is a lot going on  up there...

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Hand Mirror Prop  and animation was something I have had for a very long time and is no lopnger available.. :-(