Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ataxic Neurodegenerative Satiety Deficiency Syndrome - ZOMBIES!

Zombie attack..

It could happen..Meanwhile I practice and prepare in Secondlife.. well at least I got the fashion going on..  Thinking if I blend in  I could avoid being a Zombie Snack..

My Boyfriend head is a product of SOAP.. I say  he needs a good washing.. but then so do I
The waggling animated tongue I have in the picture is from marketplace only 1L.. it waggles suggestively.. so Disgustingly sexy and perfect for smooching with your mans head.... * go ahead take that anyway you want to*

the headgear I am wearing is from  Contraption  the Twisted Hunt

Contraption has a lot of interesting MM boards and freebees and  the helicopter tassels are a must see for 15L each  random color in the gacha Machine..

After all this running around I decided to relax on the counter for a lil minute while I awaited my Dinner Guests.

Kitchen Prop with poses.... by KaTink

But after a while the floor just felt cool and was sticky with blood and gore...perfect for a little zombie beauty sleep...

 After you drag yourself from this fab Kitchen prop..... You must go to the living room and snuggle with your very own moaning wiggling zombie.. This carpet ensemble is so well executed its a must see to appreciate.

::[[ Love Zombies ]]:: Zombie Cuddling Rugs.  -

Nice additin to any zombie lovers home... are these three scattered rugs... with a little surprise in store for comes with  a wiggling moaning zombie..

You have to come see it to believe how well this  turned out.. the body moves under the layer of carpet. and the occasional moan escapes.. So are you ready for Halloween decorations.. Do you have a Haunted House.. or do you just Love Zombies!
this is a MUST HAVE..

tickle tickles the zombie foot...