Sunday, September 30, 2012


Someone made a great vid featuring Carn-Evil so check out the Link at the end of the blog.. AMAZING Job!!!

Don't let the scarey clown run you off...

*The owners of Catnip and Love Zombies can be very nice if you don't annoy them.*
 You do need to worry about the Zombies though..

 Don't be frightened by the spooky sounds..... follow the loudspeaker circus music along the path.. and step over  the dead Zombies...  Its time to visit the.....

Home of Catnip and Love Zombies New Stores

 Love Delec spent a lot of time making the  Carn-EVIL Pretty.. pause a moment at every turn, listen to the loudspeakers to some of the spookiest carnival music ever. It all has a very eerie tone to it..

The Music is subversive it brings you to the Dark Carnival... You are encouraged to wear your best carny costume.. Circus or clowns evil or sweet and pretty... Come and take  photos..  ride the rides.  Play the games for prizes...... little cool trinkets  and assorted fun...

Upon making it past the trail you will come across the Custom Entry... the little devil girl appears rather harmless  she looks old fashion and innocent... Kind of like the Carnival.. It promises fun and entertainment ..

Tight rope walking to the tent rooftops of Main shop CatNip.. and across to the Love Zombie... There are venders to tickle almost every dark fantasy and more to come as time passes so visit often..

Carny RP is encouraged and appreciated... Have a great time on the rides...

Make sure you check out the animations on the merry-go-round. Some are rather shocking.. but no worries  if you want to buy one there is a clean version... But the dirty version is so much fun...

Go ahead and try the strong man and see if you can win a prize... It can Happen.. Grab a Mallet and try for yourself.. Also available for sale at Love Zombies...  just in case you need practice.. * wink *

The Hair I wear... is a new release and in the perfect Zombie shade of Moss eXxEsS : SIRIN
The scary but oh so fashionable steam punk mask is by  Contraptions.. One of the many amazing venders at the  Carn-EVIL.. So please do buy things from the venders and support the shop keepers.

The great thing about the  Carn-EVIL is that the shops do not tacky up the place they are in fabulious tents and blend in the submersive atmosphere of the carny. There are more games and venders with  great animations  corn dogs..  sodas cotton candy..  A cute and sexy gypsy wagon where you can get your fortune told.. Try out the dunk the punk game with your friends... And ride the Ferris Wheel.. You will have a great time.. Take pics  its a great  environment for carnival photo shoots..

Oh and if your wondering where I got my Mesh Zombie  sweat pants....

 75L each and comes in 6 colors