Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bewbs are whats Hawt and New

Burlesque set in Bubblegum by  *Epic* it also comes with appliers for implants 199L

.:: deeR ::. Nails as blogged in an earlier post but I am loving them for everything..

Ok they are not so new but its trendy at the moment.. all kinds of designers are hopping on the Bewby trails.... Tata Wagon... and playing with there Dirty Pillows

So you will be seeing me present some implant fashions...
there is more than ever  before out there  and  its *Epic* Burlesque Garters & Stockings {Bubblegum} [P]

My :::Para Designs:: tattoo matches the Ferris wheel ... Candy colorful!

The Skin I am in.....::EnvyMe:: - Lola Tan Purple

Speaking of *Epic*  they even made a lil outfit to go with EBoobs Lolas and  MCI and Iboobs..  and there are more prim boobs heading to market so designers knock out some Knockers and make us some sexy clothing.. its a money maker...  

So how about more designers hopping on the boobie wagon.... Wonder is Mesh  can be made for the  well endowed vixens out there...

My cute fleshy tail waggles n wags all on its own..  ** The Tail Fade to Black

TRUTH HAIRRory - fairyfloss - September 14 release 

The one responsible for my tats... ::Para Designs:: Sugar Rush Sleeves Color Dark 
The best part is that it comes in every  combo and layer possible just in case... from faded to Dark.. this is the sleeves only version but there are more with back accents and chest accents.. I chose arms only because I was sporting my Lola titties
Seriously a must go to place for great tattoos... with this outfit there were also some new ribbon laced tats that woudl have been  perfect too...
Corset collar in Pink Zebra also a   Luck.Inc  Item 200L Mesh...

::Para Designs::  star facial tattoo - free
Truth Hair September 21 2012 - Gift - Sam - fairy Floss