Saturday, October 20, 2012

GGrrRrRrrrab some animal print pants

I iz remembering Cheetah print pants.  When I was growing up it was the epitome of tacky. Only the trailer park girls wore such atrocious and loud prints..

Well things have changed... Nerds are Hot and cheep and loud is the new black... A must have for every ladies wardrobe.. some stretchy Cheetah print pants ...

**SHINE** Venice Magenta/Group Gift
* .:: deeR ::. * MESH boatneck sweater [Funny Vector #1]
* .:: deeR ::. *  I am still wearing the nails.. I love them I am sure I will be wearing them all the time***
 [Gos] Gator Sports Clogs - Some great shoes.. I love the huds..
 :::WEG::: Baroque Diabolique Horn 
Secrets - Leopard Brown Mesh Leggings - Jersey Shore GFW item
*MM* Skybox Pink Fantasy Dome only 100L at the fairy closet
 :+:SS:+: The Lion - Leo Tribute [Multi-Pose Prop]

a closer look...The background is a pink dome that is so cute and  only 100L

Another texture on this * .:: deeR ::. * Meshy Sweatershirt.. notice the nails I am still wearing them I love he fit..
* .:: deeR ::. *  Hud controled textures..   How sweet it is!