Monday, March 25, 2013

Moving Day what a mess.. but its time I moved on..

Moving Day

Truth Hair I wear... Video Games - Red located at 
the arcade gacha event
SKIN I am in...Izzie's - Asia Skin Ginger Edition pale freckles with harlow pink lipgloss and Izzie's - Tights giraffe black

*Mousey* Prim Teeth ~ straight Its  so cute just has the slightest parted mouth not too much exaggeration more realism to the look

And I started pulling old furnishings out of my inventory some of them dated nine years ago! I had just been shopping for more . in an addictive Arcade Gacha event..

TRUTH  Kasia w/Roots - raven  March 14th release

 I am broke tired and I am sure the whole world of SL bloggers have these things up on posts this past week..

Be warned its addictive and you accidentally can buy thousands of lindens of amazing stuff!

notice the wizard of OZ cyclone.. its a common in the gacha and I think is one of the coolest items the house goes round and round . It makes me happy.

The Vanha shoes are so awesome.. I love shoes that come with huds and allows for only one shoe with many combinations of textures and styles..  It will fast become a favorite over any other shoe.. And these are sweet. I always recommend  full versions of shoes... if you can  afford to spend the money. its a yes
* .:: deeR ::. * MESH vanha shoe

The cool news is there is a version for the Pink Fusion hunt that has less color options but for 5L.. it may  tempt you to get the full version.. and for those of you who are savvy but broke you get a shot at greatness.


The day is over.. weekend is done..

Olive  SL FAshion Week Group Gift - Binding Black Bow Ring

^v^DRBC^v^ Polka Dot Eros Underbust Corset 
Well done and so cute..

I love the hip detail
*shakes hips*