Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Am I Psycho........?

You never know who your dealing with....


Holli has been my pal for years now... I am sure she thinks it from time to time - I am often misunderstood but Holli never misunderstands me.. She likes me but I am Crazy...

 You can see what my Lil Holli Pocket is wearing on her Bloggy... HERE

Of Special Note I would like to share with you  the tattoo that I am wearing   its got every layer you can imagine from your Phat Azz and Lolas to your Slink Hands... Its hard to find great full body tats for us ladies who love our body enhancements.. this particular Tat. is perfect for the dark side of us ladies...

its aptly named Beautiful Death and made by ENDLESS PAIN..... A must have for us well endowed and enhanced ladies... Muahhhs to the creater..

But with my friends at RO you always know one thing its gonna be some awesome shit..
I started with the RO - Baphomet Horns - Celestial and just added things as I wore them for two weeks straight..

Halloween was coming on strong and I  was just stunned and watching all the coolness pass me by... well a week before the event Holli Lolli  helped me start my project of blogging the PSYCHO House.. that I got  for my Halloween Blog  for this year.. I didn't bother to full it up with furniture I was running to late ... .but you don't have to  furnish anything it even comes with Grandma installed...

                       Remarkable Oblivion - Baphomet Horns - Celestial                           

DRD - Death row Designs- karma -evil RARE

I took my photos on the sim and they graciously stopped the Zombies from attacking me at my every move... * get the hud and join in on the fun..a great halloween date night for you and your friends in SL.

Next year I believe I am gonna set up this house and use it for a Halloween event or sale... Its just that cool. But this time around I just couldn't make it happen I was having a hard time making it look like I wanted to on the outside of the house..

 but first of all come into the parlor,, and be aware although it rezzes fully furnished and ready to go for RP it can be  furnished your own way..   but for the spookiness of Halloween night and trick or treating It is perfect

As far as reproductions of the Psycho house this is  well done and lots of work went into the details.. Don't forget to pick up your costumes at the marketplace.. they have more for you to peruse..

Squishy PolkaDots  Nom Nom Heart almost free 10L at  the main store location

Also check out the Bates Motel.. If I had not taken so long to get my blog done I would ask for it... But seriously go take a look for yourself you will find huds weapons and fun.. and The bates motel..

I just could not do the background justice no matter how hard I tried.. the sim was perfectly matching to the house set up.. AMAZING Job... And thank you for the fun...

A screened window affords an interesting view

another room in the house.. it has many doors that lead you into Normans Mother's home sweet home

Check out the mags. its the little attention to details that makes things  so fun

Oh definitely Normans Moms Room
Death Row Designs demonhand  comes  in sizes for male and female

the house comes equipped with Norms Mommy... How thoughtful... and frightening..!!!!

  Mother is that you....????

Trick Or Treat..  look Mother I have the perfect  Halloween candy Basket by

Someone has lost there head over Halloween

Ahhh as you can see she scared the .. &@^$%! out of me..

 The End

Looking like a lady on the Potty while wearing
*HolliPocket* Chantilly Lacey-Black Tar

Other fab things I am wearing as in 
is by none other than 
Izzie's - Katya Skin brown pale
-SU!- (SUICIDAL UNBORN) Bloody Mouth tat
*katat0nik* (black/divine) Wishy Woman Cape
BALACLAVA!! Bloody Candy Bucket
{Sugar Heart} Mesh Dimple Piercings Blue Glitter /shadow/
dl:: Dirtyland  Regret Mouth Piercing black
[Gauze] Demon - Pride (Eye)
Razor/// Razorblade Jacket Venus Boots - Oynx 
 Soulless Productions - PSYCHO HOUSE
available for half the price right now on marketplace

If you wish to see it in world  Please  go its a lot of fun and the sim is set up  and looks amazing. A must see and a great date night for Halloween fun.

just a word of caution when you go. 

 Beware of Zombies